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Adaptive Athletics


Don, Jo Ann





Fri, Apr 4, 2008 at 7:54 PM




"George Mac Kinnon"


Hi George,

Just a quick note to tell you that after you left today my dad called me and was very happy. He loved his first trip to the gym in 10+ years and can't wait to go back! I haven't heard him that happy in quite some time. He also mentioned that he appreciates being able to talk about sports with you (something I can't do!).

Thank you,




"George MacKinnon was dependable and did an excellent job creating a productive routine for Mr. Kingsley and adhering to that routine. The routine included a diet and fitness program which, according to Mr. Kingsley's physician, helped Mr. Kingsley to lose weight".

(From References, Lynn Kingsley)



"George made me aware of, and rolled me in, community recreational and exercise programs for the disabled, such as adaptive aquatics. He made sure I arrived on time for these activities with all of the essentials required to participate".

(From References, R. Weissbrodt)



Adaptive Athletics