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My name is George Mac Kinnon. I am a caregiver and a certified elder care administrator. I created this site to share my qualifications and provide a resource for those seeking the best available home health care assistance. Along with a description of the services that I offer, it contains my resume and references. I have been a caregiver for over twenty-nine years. This web site provides prospective clients easy and immediate access to my background and employment history.

I am based in Santa Barbara, California. I am willing to travel depending on the location and needs of the client. Sleeping accommodations are negotiable.

Although initially hired as a caregiver, my assistance to many clients has frequently included duties well beyond the scope of home healthcare. Personal aide, property management, math tutor, website construction and paralegal are a few of the areas I have found myself lending a hand in. I can document success in the stock market for myself as well as acting as an authorized agent on behalf of a client. Whatever the need may be, please contact me to discuss how I may assist you.

George Joseph Mac Kinnon

P.O. Box 30783
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

(805) 968-7009
(805)2523618 (c)